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Our platform brings all of your data together - to visualise, analyse and take action. Helping you grow.

It's what we do, and why we love data.


Case Studies

Helping you succeed 

Our team of experts is constantly creating content to help associations put their data and analytics to work. We’re by your side to help you succeed.

Here to Help

Associations are all in different places on their analytics journey. Rest assured, our dedicated team is ready and able to meet you where you are.

If you need help with your data strategy, we’ve got you. Need guidance on data governance? We’ll be there for you. Want to achieve widespread adoption within your association? We’ve got a framework for building out a culture of analytics. Let us know where you are and we’ll be there to help.

We’d love to help you the way we’ve helped other association industry leaders.

“It’s a single version of the truth.” - Christin Berry, VP of Business Analytics & Data Services, ASAE

“If someone hired me as CEO of an association that has yet to start using data or is struggling with adoption, the first thing I would do is get Acumen on board.”

Guillermo Ortiz De Zarate, Chief Information Officer, National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB)

Centralised Data

Bring data together from all your platforms for a 360-degree member view and single source of truth

Simplified Integrations

Pre-built integrations means no more wasted time wrangling data, writing queries or waiting for reports

Insightful Visualisations

Hundreds of visualisations, based on industry best practices, to help you analyse and interpret your data

Association Analytics is the leading provider of business intelligence and data analytics for association professionals. We built our platform Acumen exclusively for associations with hundreds of pre-built integrations to give you a true 360-degree view of your members.

"I knew our culture was improving when I walked by a meeting room where members from different teams were looking at one of the visualisations"

Reggie Henry, Chief Information and Engagement Officer, ASAE 

Learn how to 💚 your data and use it to discovery powerful insights.

This guide will walk you through a framework for thinking about analytics and show you how to use it to discover powerful, hidden insights to help move your association forward. By the time you’re through it, we hope you’ll join us in our data-loving state of mind!

Topics we tackle:

  • Use a single source of truth to align data with your goals

  • Don't let your fear of dirty data delay analytics

  • Increase your membership renewals

  • Use engagement scores to point your members in the right direction

  • Know which products and services to sunset

  • Increase your event attendance

  • Prioritise the content you produce for members

  • Use unstructured data to give members what they want

And be on the lookout for our sage owl, Chip, who shares pro tips throughout the guide.

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