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"It's not an exaggeration to say it's been a game-changer having our data from many systems deduplicated and blended in one place, it's been transformative."

All your association's data from every system in one place, without the hassle.
Engagement Scoring
Retention Influencers
Revenue Drivers
Specific Actionable Lists


We'll help you conquer your data challenges with real-time visual analytics. You'll achieve excellent internal communications with everyone in your association, sharing and collaborating, making data-driven decisions and reaching goals sooner with less effort in today's digital age.


Creates an accurate 360-degree view of membership to help inform business strategy and allocate resources.

  • Improve member retention

  • Optimise the membership journey

  • Improve member satisfaction

  • Better member segmentation and targeted communications


Provides a single source of marketing truth that helps marketing teams accurately track and what actions to take for each marketing campaign.

  • Identify areas to lower costs and improve results

  • Reduce time spent manually creating lists and reports

  • Demonstrate clear return on marketing investment

  • Discover trends and opportunities for revenue growth


Real-time performance dashboard that combines all revenue drivers for Events in a single location – registration, exhibits, sponsorships, advertising, speakers, and abstracts.

  • Increase meeting attendance

  • Discover registration trends over time

  • Improve the event experience

  • Secure more sponsorship


The ultimate solution for everyone in your association measuring member engagement, knowing who and how to engage more members.

  • Member Engagement Model management toolkit

  • Most accurate scoring of member's engagement

  • See members not engaged and know to engage

  • Targeted actionable lists for new revenue opportunities


Provides association executives with a real-time dashboard to better understand the health of their business, acting as a single source of truth for data.

  • Informs strategy and decision-making

  • Predictable data that leads to action

  • Increase revenue opportunities 

  • Lowering costs and improved member retention

Affordable, effortless, beautiful visuals with on-demand targeted actionable lists.


Your data from many systems is deduplicated and blended, creating a single source of truth with beautiful drill-down visuals, and on-demand targeted actionable lists.

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Our data scientists have done the heavy lifting to empower everyone in your association with accurate, informative and actionable real-time visual reports and actionable lists, analytics and predictions to boost member engagement, retention and revenues.



An instinctive and intuitive solution that your team will use every day. All your member-related data from every system are duplicated and blended for accurate and meaningful data-driven decisions. Available to everyone in your association working anywhere at any time. Always be ready to future proof your success.



We do all the implementation for you with no heavy lifting by anyone in your organisation. Plugs-in and deduplicated data from your CRM, any membership Systems, web analytics, social media, virtual events, marketing, emailing, education, examinations, surveys, publications, abstract submissions, billing, sales orders, advocacy, fundraising, awards, exhibits, sponsorship, webinars and custom systems.




Our core values

  • We honour our word and believe our work is a reflection of ourselves.

  • We listen, communicate clearly, and follow-through.

  • We are proactive and manage projects so there are no surprises.

  • We are outcome-focused and results-driven.

  • We are committed to lifelong learning and each day we expand our knowledge and skills.

  • We are honoured to serve the association community in the UK and the EU building lasting long-term relationships with our clients.

  • We are experienced, passionate and committed to helping our clients create a better future for their staff and constituents.


Our data scientists have done the heavy lifting to empower everyone in your association with real-time targetted actionable lists. 

We provide you with the best practices in engagement and performance measurements for retaining and engaging members, measuring and growing the association.


Our exclusive focus is on helping associations make better, more confident decisions.  Decisions that enhance member’s experience, engagement and their perception of value. We help you with continuous performance improvement to achieve your goals and rewards sooner and with less effort.  


Since 1999, Association Analytics® has helped associations make decisions with confidence to advance their mission and improve the world. Association Analytics (A2) headquartered in the US provides products, services, tools, and educational materials developed with the association professionals in mind.  Association Analytics UK based in London is the authorised representative and provider of A2 products and services in the UK.


We are APMG Certified Consultants. APMG (APM Group) International is the most reputed Global Accreditation & Examination Institute. APMG accredits to deliver training courses and consultancy services. Certified for the methodology to develop performance measures, metrics or KPIs that are meaningful, aligned to strategy, implemented efficiently and focused on driving performance improvement. 


We have 30 years of experience and wisdom in membership operational performance and implementation of CRM, Events, LMS, Web and App technologies.


"Since starting this partnership with Association Analytics, we’ve aimed to make data analysis top of mind for associations. Don’t solve just one data problem—let’s get as much data as we can into this warehouse so we can continuously solve problems."

"We were kept us on course and Acumen is incredibly easy to use, intuitive and allows me to get the answers I need within minutes with the click of a few buttons."

"We’re now beginning to use data to drive business decisions to inform when we create new programs when we sunset old programs and helping us segment our marketing."


Powered by the World’s number 1 platforms Microsoft BI and AWS

Powered by the World’s number 1 platforms Microsoft BI and AWS.


Stop wasting time and money with complex and costly CRM APIs and best of breed application integrations.

No hassle, simple and rapid implementation. Plug-in integrations to visualize data from your siloed old and current systems in real-time has been made simple and rapid to implement. Single source of truth with the 360-degree view of your organization’s most important metrics and member information.

In case you need something specific the My Acumen module enables you to design and build your own analytics and customise existing ones. We can assist with analytics regardless of your association's existing technology.


No matter how old and how many systems in your association we have the solution. We continually build new integration plug-ins here are a few examples. Contact us for a full list and if we don’t have it, we’ll build it. Here are a few examples of systems.



Partner with us to help associations harness the power of their data to continuously improve their operational and membership performance.

We team up with our partners to ensure that our shared clients are getting maximum value from their systems. Together, we empower clients with insights, informative and actionable analytics that help them better serve their constituents. With Acumen, associations can uncover trends that help them promote relevancy in today’s digital age and increasingly competitive market.

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