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           Virtual Videographer high tech system

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Elevating your brand


Embedded in your website or using own branded AssociationTV channel

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3R videos for engaging members & sponsors

We help you with affordable, high-quality videos. Virtual Videographer enables filming in any location, and we take care of everything from scriptwriting onwards. The integrated calls to action generate the highest return on investment for sponsors and significant net income for you.

Provide relevant free-content to members with recurring net income of £12,000. Increase net income with all year-long conference £20,000 and monthly thought leadership £36,000. Annually add at least £60,000 with your branded multi-media solution centre for constituents and sponsors.

In 2021 the Manitoba Dental Association employing only
two staff members generated £235,000 of additional income with highest engagement and great feedback from their members and sponsors.

overcome all barriers and budget constraints but don’t take our word for it!

your opportunity

This is your solution for easily and quickly maximising on opportunities of capturing high quality interviews remotely with your members, CEO, President, Trustees, board of directors, or industry experts and speakers – all managed and produced for you without having to travel to their location and high filming costs.

"When you send emails especially in today's world, it's so easy to hit delete. When we understood the value of video marketing and what we could accomplish through our messaging, it became very clear that we were missing out on a big opportunity."

Liz Richards, CEO, MHDEA

Member Profile Videos 

Educate existing members and also use as a soft, educational testimonials for recruiting new members.

Video Magazine

Educational videos released every 2 weeks to provide micro-learning and drive deeper on the top topics.

Conference All Year Long

Lands the viewer on the associations platform, ready to consume a 2-3 minute video.  And the banners then lead the viewer to the full session in video, audio or slides.

Thought Leadership

Sponsor website with special, embedded players that show “As seen on AssociationTV”, lending third party credibility to their thought leader topic.

Solution Centre Platfrom

An annual listing, managed by the sponsor/exhibitor where they can add products, services and use video, pictures, pdf documents and text to inform and educate the visitor.  All information is tagged so it is easy to search and filter by the viewers.

Jobs of Tomorrow Docuseries

For our sizzle reel, coming in Q2 – 2022.


In partnership with WorkerBee.TV Canada, helping organisations use video strategically since 2008

features & benefits

  • Capture up to 4k video & high-quality audio anywhere using an iPhone, iPad, or computer

  • Equipment sourcing or rental for stabilisation, audio, and lighting

  • Robust quality controls (resolution, frames per second, colour temperature, exposure, focus & more)

  • Record up to 4 subjects & include up to 4 collaborators to participate virtually, direct the shoot and/or serve as the interviewer

“we do 3 videos a month with minimal effort on my part”

“They really make it so easy to put these videos together. I could never imagine how much work it would be doing two to three videos or more a month, but they make it so easy from the initial concept into the scriptwriting and putting the whole video together.

It's minimal effort on my part and incredibly easy to get large amount of content onto our channel.

The engagement in the numbers of people watching our videos is just astronomical. It's beyond anything that I could ever imagine.

We've created a platform where it's easy for our members to get to content. We are getting sponsorship, we are getting CE education and we have a place, branded as our own ANFPtv, that they can go to learn culinary skills, learn industry trends.

It’s a place for our members that we want them to go every day."Carol Miller, Chief Marketing Officer, MHI


The 3 or more measurable 'calls to action' integrated banners at the end of each video generate highest return on investment for you and sponsors


Our Virtual Videographer places the camera in any location and setting. The centralised production centre takes complete control of everything from filming, sound, editing to final production.


We help you with the 3Rs. Recruit, Retain, Revenue goal for each video. Then we take care of everything else from script writing onwards.

your affordable 3R videos

We can help you with one high quality video or series of videos that will elevate your brand and add significant additional net income to your organisation.

Sponsors will love your offering and pay premium rates because of the demonstrable return on investment. Members and non-members will love engaging with you throughout the year.


  • Easily be embedded anywhere in your website

  • Google Analytics for the click-throughs

  • Built-in player with engagement analytics

  • Delivery 60-90 days, payment 50% with order balance on release preview

  • Optional single-sign-on

For high quality affordable videos contact Chris Robinson 


AssociationUK is a trading division of Association Analytics UK

Overcoming barriers

Generate higher margin income by using video strategically

Our 4k Videos are captured using the Virtual Videographer solution guaranteed to drastically reduce the resources needed to produce impactful video and audio content that helps you enhance member engagement and increase new member acquisition. Association TV®’s Virtual Videographer allows our in-house team to virtually tap into an iPhone, iPad, or computer and capture up to 4K video footage without having to be there in person.

anywhere, anytime 4k filming

getting started is easy!

  • ​You can use your own device and equipment, or we can ship you an affordable kit

  • It takes less than 10-minutes to set-up the equipment 

  • Once you connect with the Virtual Videographer, we take care of the rest to direct the shoot and capture high-quality video footage for your project

  • 60-90 day turn around using a professional production crew that specialise working with membership organisations 

You and your sponsors would love to use videos, but there is probably no budget or time and videos done so far haven't been a game-changer. Maybe you have providers, but you can't afford to do more because of the high costs and demanding logistics.

It's widely known that producing quality and impactful film crew videos are expensive and complex to put together ranging from £5,000 to £25,000 for a 3–5minute video listed on YouTube. Our fees are often 50% less because of our tech and expertise working with associations and membership organisations.

Post-Covid, there is no shortage of evidence about the role and importance of videos for members, non-members and sponsors.

We provide high-quality filming, video production with the AssociationTV personalised solution centre platform for engaging members and sponsors.

You can have your own branded association TV channel!

You get much more than professional video and documentary production by using our AssociationTV platform for distribution, monetisation, and engagement with your members and sponsors.

You’ll benefit from our partnership because we are specialists, focused and experienced working with associations and membership organisations. We have over 15years of experience in member engagement, retention, and revenue generation using video and multi-media strategically. Our recent production, the Jobs of Tomorrow Docuseries, will be listed on Amazon TV.

You’ll prosper using our approach, platform and model, transforming your videos into all year long member engagement with fantastic measurable return on investment for your sponsors with higher margin income for you.

We love partnering with our customers, and they love us because we constantly deliver affordable high-quality videos and increase their net income.

High Cost

Traditionally, when challenged by cost, time or location, associations have used Skype, Zoom, Apps or other online streaming tools to record digital interviews, announcements, speaker sessions and similar but all lacking the professional control resulting in poor to medico quality, value and impact.

Lack of Personalisation

Videos hosted on platforms like YouTube don't allow member personalisation or measure individual members' engagement and provide a poor return on investment for your sponsors.


It isn't easy to find and afford a specialist filming crew and experienced video producers who understand your organisation, members' and sponsors' needs. Managing providers and using different tools to make it happen means a lot of heavy lifting. It's too hard and costly to repurpose content and monetise.

get started today 

We help association professionals and executives achieve their goals