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Consolidate all of your association’s KPIs in one always accessible dashboard.

The Acumen Pulse Report includes a snapshot of your important KPIs - membership, events, sales, web traffic, community, and more - all in one dashboard. By aligning your KPIs to your associations’ strategy and goals, you’re able to easily keep track of your overall performance.

Break down your organisational silos

When your teams start seeing connections between data from their group and data from other groups, something really interesting happens: they begin to work together in ways they hadn’t previously.

Instead of just encouraging teamwork, give them a tool that drives them in that direction.

The events team sees that first-time attendee rates are much higher for active community members - so they ask the community manager what’s driving engagement. Together, they ask membership to brainstorm ways to encourage community engagement during onboarding. Then everyone wants to talk to the learning team because they could see that members who complete two specific classes tend to buy more products and renew at higher rates.

Move from intuition to data-driven decision-making

Acumen brings together all of your data in one place for easy access and analysis. Centralised data solves a big challenge facing many associations today - which of my systems should I trust when it comes time to report on my key performance metrics. At last, no more disagreements about whose data is right.

Take your analysis a step further - consider whether one particular product leads to other product sales, higher engagement scores or improved retention.

Make fast decisions

In most organisations, performance reports are delivered after an event, campaign or program is completed. Other reports are generated on a monthly or quarterly basis. When reviewing information about what happened in the past, it’s too late to do something about it. Access to always available analytics enables you to identify trends while you can still act on them.

If you notice a certain segment or demographic not renewing at expected levels, you can intervene with tailored marketing to reverse the trend.

No more wasted staff time on manual, labor-intensive reports

Many executives are frustrated by the amount of time and energy it takes their teams to extract meaningful information from their systems. That wasted time could otherwise be spent on higher-value projects. With always accessible dashboards, you and your team can spend more time developing insights from the data - and less time wrangling the data out of your systems.

Start making meaningful changes for your association.

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