No. 10 - Analytics Strategy & Roadmap Creating a Data Culture for Your Association

Read 2 minutes. What does it mean to have a data culture?

Microsoft’s CEO, Satya Nadella, explains that “At Microsoft, we’re working hard to make data visualisation, BI, and statistical analysis part of our normal, everyday work. Drawing insights from data and making decisions based on these insights is a key part of our culture.”

#10 Analytics Strategy & Roadmap

When creating a data culture, its most effective when executive leadership teams are the driving force of change. A useful first exercise for many organisations is to go through the process of developing an analytics strategy and roadmap.

In this type of exercise, associations are really focused on building a business case for organisation-wide analytics. You will want to assess the current state of data and analytics in your organisation, documenting the desired vision and outcomes for the project, identifying key stakeholders involved, and synthesising all of this information into a final presentation or document.

Typically, this type of exercise has four focus areas and should give tangible recommendations for each:

· People: We need analytics for use by everyone (role-based)

· Process: We need to refine our data governance processes

· Technology: We need a self-service business intelligence solution

· Data: We need to make improvements to data privacy and security

These are sample recommendations and will vary based on your data analytics maturity and goals. The objective at this stage is to build consensus internally and develop measurable next steps for improving your data culture over time.

You may find it helpful to use our 1-to-1 free 60-minute Data Governance virtual workshops. One of your takeaways is to use a roadmap and get started internally.

Check out this video from the Associate Executive Director of SfN