Digital Engagement and Monetisation

Engaging Sponsors & Members

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3R Videos

Your affordable Virtual Videographer with centralised professional filming, editing and production with quality standards to elevate your brand.

AssociationTV Channel

Your branded channel for personalised and timely content distribution to members, students, volunteers, non-members and more.

Increased Sales

You'll generate more high margin income throughout the year.

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There has never been a greater need for associations to enhance non-dues revenue AND improve the way they engage members digitally with rich multimedia content. 

We understand the need to subsidise the creation of great content through effective digital sponsorship, advertising, and lead generation programs.

Association TV® has been helping associations inform, educate, and inspire members digitally through video, audio, and articles since 2008 and has now teamed up with Association Analytics UK to bring you AssociationTV.UK.

Join this webinar and see Association TV's Top 5 sponsorships in action!

About the Speaker

Expert sharing insights during this webinar

Dan Stevens

President, WorkerBee TV


Your members are demanding a high quality digital-first experience and educational content that matters. WorkerBee.TV, Inc. – helping organisations use video strategically since 2008, through the Association TV® online platform & multimedia services. We help you use video tackling the issues facing associations today to engage and grow your membership. We are excited to be able to do the same for you here in the UK through our partnership with Association Analytics UK.

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For association professionals and executives

"When you send emails especially in today's world, it's so easy to hit delete. When we understood the value of video marketing and what we could accomplish through our messaging, it became very clear that we were missing out on a big opportunity."

Liz Richards, CEO, MHDEA

Engaging Gen-Z

How to grab their attention, inform and engage

Leadership videos 

Inform, educate, and inspire members digitally through video, audio, and articles.

Members solution centre

Simple to find, consume and act on videos, podcasts, articles, blogs.

Repurpose Content from Events

Event's contents are repurposed with timely releases throughout your defined period.

Engagement Measurements

Built-in engagement tracker helps improve performance.

Cost Neutral Productions

In most cases your videos will generate surplus but at a minimum each can be cost neutral.

AssociationTV.UK is a trading division of Association Analytics UK