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How-to Webinar Series

Designed for Association professionals

Today, almost every discussion starts by first asking, “what is our data telling us today?” 

Significant challenges are getting in the way of meaningful access to your member and non-member data, trusting your data, and accurately blending all your organisation’s data. Often, it’s not about the data; it’s about making use of the data you already have.

Your data isn’t telling you the whole story because your structured and unstructured data is in many different systems; Spreadsheets, CRM, LMS, Events, Communities, Websites, Marketing, Google Analytics and Billing systems. 


These webinars are based on best practices designed for Association and Membership executives and professionals.

On-demand Webinars; What is Analytics 

Engaging Members like Netflix

Top 5 Engagement Insights Linked to Your Events

Everything You Want to Know About Engagement Scoring (but didn't know to ask)

Your Member's Amazon Experience

More coming soon..


On-demand Webinars; Analytics in Action

How to Determine Your most Valuable Products and which to Sunset

How to Overcome your Fear of Dirty Data

How to Determine Member Retention

How to Boost Event Registration Revenue with Data

How to use Data to Create Relevant Content

How to use Your Member Engagement Scores

How to use Data to Support Your Strategic Goals

How to Get Actionable Data from Surveys (Part 1)

How to Get Actionable Data from Surveys (Part 2)

Top 5 Engagement Insights Linked to Your Events

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