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Best-in-class technology 

Built on industry-leading technology for cloud infrastructure, Amazon Redshift and Amazon S3. We use a hybrid data lake and data warehouse approach for maximum benefit to clients.

Real-time visualisations 

We are leveraging Microsoft Power BI, a market leader for Business Intelligence. Our SaaS solution is scalable and accessible to everyone in your association. 

The Leading Analytics Solution for Associations 

100's of pre-built integrations

No matter how many cloud platforms or in-house systems, regardless of the age or level of customisation, we have the solution. Contact us for a complete list.

Here are some examples of Acumen plug-and-go integrations:

“We knew we wanted to make data-driven decisions but were honestly a little nervous to get started as we weren’t sure we had the resources to fully leverage analytics. The Association Analytics team gave us a roadmap, held our hand and set us on a path for success.”

Stacy King, Executive Director, Federal Bar Association

Self-enabling you with answers...  

  • Which members are least likely to renew?

  • What’s the perception of value by member type? 

  • Which members are most likely to purchase?

  • Which members should be targeted to attend the next event or course?

  • Which members are today’s key community influencers?

  • Which members are most likely to increase their engagement?

Use purpose-built analytics to take action.

What We Do

Our passion is not just from the insight we enable, but in watching our clients evolve their careers and associations.