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Start improving your event strategy, experience and revenue.

Understand key event performance metrics

Acumen’s centralised dashboard gives your executives access to key event metrics in one place—allowing you to dive in and get the insights you need immediately, without manual, time-consuming work for analysts. Event leaders can use single event data or year-over-year performance metrics to devise tactics, strategies, and investments that can make your event more profitable.

Predict event attendance

Acumen’s predictive modelling assigns members a score based on how likely they are to attend your events. You can drill down into attendee and non-attendee demographics and behaviours to identify which member types are most likely to attend. Instead of wasting limited resources on people who probably won’t show up, you can start focusing on member segments who are on the fence or most likely to attend, and take different marketing approaches for each.

Increase event attendance and engagement

Acumen helps you drive engagement and increase campaign conversions by providing data that helps you target your marketing more effectively. You can analyse the demographics of members who attend your events and how far they travelled to get there. You can also track hot topics trending in your community.

Using all this data, you can personalise your content, outreach efforts and even location to help maximise attendance, engagement and event satisfaction.

Acumen helps event teams make strategic decisions using historical and real-time event data. With a complete, consolidated view of registrations, exhibits, sponsorships and more, you can start optimising your event revenue and attendee experience.


Data combined from all your event systems to help inform event strategy, predict event attendance, drive revenue and improve the event experience.

Grow sponsorship sales

Boost event revenue by providing valuable data to your prospective exhibitors and sponsors. You can offer detailed breakdowns on attendees, their interests and historical trends, showing the true value of participating in your event. Historical exhibitor and sponsor-specific data analysis enables you to evaluate past levels of participation, so you can accelerate decision-making - and boost participation - this year.

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