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Our platform brings all of your data together - to visualise, analyse and take action. Helping you grow.

For the Love of Data

Our love of data and the powerful insights it unleashes drove us to create Acumen, a cloud-based data analytics platform built exclusively for associations. Hundreds of pre-built integrations into the most commonly used association tech systems make it the industry’s go-to analytics choice.

With Acumen, associations get a single source of truth for your data with a full 360-degree view of your members’ activity.

A true 360-degree view of your members

Finally understand all the ways your members are engaging with you - whether in your community, learning platform, event platform, website or any other systems. With this level of engagement insight, you can determine your most – and least – engaged members and take action.

A trusted source of data

Acumen brings together all of your data in one place for easy access and analysis. Centralised data solves a big challenge facing many associations today - which of my systems should I trust when it comes time to report on my key performance metrics. At last, no more disagreements about whose data is right.

Understand your member needs in the moment

Acumen provides insights into member activities as they’re happening, not after the fact. Instead of waiting for a monthly or quarterly report to tell you what happened in the past, Acumen enables you to identify important trends and take action on them while you still have time to alter an outcome.

If you notice a certain member segment not renewing at a higher than usual rate, you can identify other members of that same segment and take quick action.

Empower your team with critical data to make decisions

Acumen gets data into the hands of those who need it, providing dashboards, visualisations and the tools needed to easily slice and dice data with just a few clicks. Team members finally have access to data - when they need it - to do their jobs

Predict renewals and event attendees

Think about what your association would do if it could predict which members were most likely not to renew or which members were not likely to attend your upcoming annual meeting. That’s the power of Acumen’s predictive analytics.

Turn unstructured data into insights

Acumen enables associations to unlock insights hidden in the unstructured data lying in their online communities and social platforms. The discussions can not only drive content topics and speakers for upcoming events and new products but, when married with data from your other systems, can really uncover connections previously unknown.

For example, consider what actions you might take if you saw that your active community members renewed at a rate twice that of other members. Or, that your community members spend 3x more than others.

A community of peers to support you

Our online Acumen community is where our customers pose questions, seek input and chat with fellow users to help each other achieve success. AAUK staff is also engaged in the community so you’ll see us weighing in, as well as asking for product feedback and direction. 

“Association Analytics is already implementing some of our product suggestions. They’re truly open to working together as partners.”

Jamie Paulsen, Director, Business Analytics, Council for advancement and Support of Education (CASE)

Start improving your member experience and increasing revenue.


Single dashboard for all KPIs 


Monitor engagement across all platforms 


Discover highly targeted segments


Predict attendance and drive revenue


Spotlight the power and influence of community 


Drive additional engagement and product purchases


Eliminate data wrangling for internal teams

See How Acumen Can Help You

Acumen uniquely provides value across all parts of your association.

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